Plan Your Visit!
  1. How long is the service? Our service starts at 10:30 am with worship and fellowship time. We usually finish the service by noon and have communion on the first Sunday of the month, for those who have submitted their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!
  2. What about kids? For young kids, ages 0-3 [pre-k], head straight to the nursery area to check-in and start having fun! Older students should also check-in, but will start in the service with us, to experience worship & fellowship. They will then be dismissed to the back foyer. From there, they will be led upstairs for Children's Worship (Grades preK-3). During this time, older student helpers and adult leaders will be teaching them why we come to church, why we do what we do in service, and working through the New City Catechism with them. You can read more about that curriculum on this website.
  3. What’s the service like? We have a diverse body of believers at Park Hill Baptist Church, including a Korean church that also meets in our building on Sunday mornings. We hope that you find a warm family atmosphere each time you come to PHBC. We have been without a music pastor since September of 2019, and currently have many volunteers stepping up to help lead our music. We sing a blend of hymns and contemporary songs each Sunday. The staff chooses songs that are Biblical and theologically sound that encourage us in Christ and direct our hearts and minds to praise and reflect on God and God's Word.
  4. How do people usually dress? We have a very diverse congregation, and you will see that in the styles of dress. The pastor normal preaches in a collared shirt, and on any given Sunday, you will see everything from a suit and tie to shorts and a t-shirt. On holidays, we have several members who come from other parts of the world, and they will probably be wearing the traditional dress of their country of origin. Come as you are, and know that we are glad to have you worship with us.

Here are a few other things you may want to know.

  • Where should I park? The map below should help you know where to go. Our building can be hard to navigate your first time here. If you have young children, we recommend coming to the North entrance that is right by the nursery check-in counter. This entrance is also, by the stairs that lead up to the youth room and student classes on the second floor.

  • Do you have coffee? Yes, people ask this. We have two options, if you like to pick your type of coffee, we have a Keurig that is located in our Cafe (at the end of the hallway that is off the foyer). We also partner with a great local ministry to provide the coffee in our large airpots behind our coffee bar. That ministry is Eleos Coffee in the Northeast area of Kansas City. You can read more about their ministry and mission on this website.
  • Where do I pick up my child after Service? Both nursery children (ages 0-3) and older children (ages 4-3rd grade) can be picked up at the nursery check in station after the main worship service. We ask that you keep your check-out barcode to keep the process as smooth as possible and your kiddos as safe as possible.