JOIN the Family!

Salvation & Community - Ephesians 2:1-14; Hebrews 10:19-25

At PHBC, we want to call all to Join the Family of God. First, as you come to join us at an event, a VBS, a Sunday morning service, a Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal, or a Bible Study, we want you to come and see Christians living their lives for Christ. We are a Family. We are a group of men and women united by the forgiveness that we have received through submitting our lives to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. In light of that, we are still sinners, we still struggle, and we are called to gather together, to be accountable to God's Word and to spur one another on in Christ. We are also called to be patient in explaining the Bible to others, and inviting others, perhaps you, into a real, Saving Relationship with Jesus! We would love to talk to you more about this. Before you can grow in Christ, you literally have to "Join the Family" of God by committing and submitting your life to Christ! We will have a membership class that is open to everyone interested in finding out Why membership matters and if PHBC is the place for you.


Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! - 2 Peter 3:18

When you are saved, you are called to be in fellowship with other believers. You are called to learn the word of God and grow in living in a manner that is worthy of the Gospel (the good news) that you have received (Hebrews 10:19-25; Ephesians 4:1; Phil. 1:27). We are here to meet you where you are at, help you find out how God has gifted you to serve Him and help you develop your understanding of God, God's Word and how you can serve God today. We are excited about this and would love to talk to you more about it. Once you join the Fellowship at Park Hill Baptist Church, we will have a second class to attend. In that class, we help you find your spiritual gifts and identify areas of doctrine and Bible Study that will immediately help you grow in Christ. At this time, we will also help you develop a personal plan for discipleship and find a place you can begin to use and discover your spiritual gifts.

GO to the World!

Go, share, and live out your Faith before the world - 2 Corinthians 5:17-21.

Every believer is called to tell others about what God has done for them. Each personality has a special and unique way that God has gifted them to do that. Each person has a unique context that God has specifically placed you in, to be able to share the Gospel with others. We want to help you continue to grow and develop as a believer. We firmly believe that God will raise up believers in His local Church that will eventually be sent out from the fellowship of PHBC for ministry to the local, national, and internal world. We are excited for God to reveal your personal gifts to you and want to encourage you in the ministry God places before you daily. One of my favorite examples in the Bible is the demoniac from Mark 5, who wanted to be with Jesus, and Jesus immediately sent him out (Mark 5:19) to go and tell the world what God had done for him. The calling is the same for you and I. Our evangelism training starts with simply sharing what God has done for us and encouraging others that God can do the same for them, in salvation. As you look to begin a journey into a relationship with Jesus Christ and a local Church, please begin today to pray about the ministry God has already given you and may be calling you to in the future. We are excited about what God is doing at PHBC and what God is doing in your heart too! 

We would love to answer any questions or talk more to you about these things.

In God's Great, Ever-Present Grace,

- Pastor Seth