Discipleship Residency


We have spent the last 3 years developing this program and the last two years deciding what our core objectives are for each semester of a two-year residency. Below is a Quick Overview of what each semester entails for the individuals or couples that are involved in our program.

We use weekly meetings to cover core topics that are not addressed in depth with a DMin degree. Each semester is set to only need 12 weeks and to go for 16 weeks to allow for fellowship, accountability, prayer times and missed weeks. Each week of meeting we invite singles or couples (husbands and wives together) to have a fellowship meal and discuss a topic for roughly one hour.  The second hour, we either stay together for a deeper discussion or break off as men and women, determined by the weekly topic.

Here is the overview of what we teach during each semester.


  • Our emphasis is on understanding the difference between Hermeneutics and Homiletics and developing solid Bible Study Methods (Hermeneutic Skills) even if you do not have the languages.
  • Each week we practice these skills and focus on being able to teach these skills in the local church context to men and women, for the rest of your ministry.

SEMESTER TWO: PREACH/TEACH (Simple, Clear, Passionate)

  • We use a program that has been taught to pastors & lay teachers all over the world that have no access to seminary or formal training.
  • It is a very simple method to take what you have learned from God’s Word (Your Bible Study Methods) and Faithfully put it into a clear and understandable outline for a sermon (Homiletics).
  • There are many additional resources that we look at and use in this first year.

SEMESTER THREE: LEAD (Grace-Filled Leadership)

  • We do all of these sessions together as men and women so the wives have a firm understanding of the difficulties of ministry.
  • We focus on helping all of us remember that we need to build a culture of confession, repentance, and Grace that expects all of us to be sinners, rather than a culture of legalism, that none of us can live unto the standard of.
  • This semester has been incredibly impactful as we have gone through it with couples, interns, and international missionaries.

SEMESTER FOUR: COUNSEL (Babying, Marrying, and Burying)

  • I am amazed at how many couples in ministry have never even received pre-marital counseling and will now be expected to lead others through it in ministry.
  • We all go through a 10-session Marriage counseling series and spend time discussing how we are all personally doing in our marriages and how we can pray for and encourage growth as we are stretched with different ministry seasons and responsibilities.
  • We encourage the participants to do pre-marriage counseling in the future as couples if time allows.

We will be opening this program up for new applicants in the Fall of 2022 and are excited to see how God will use this to raise up paid and lay leaders in the future.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact the office at office@phb.church.