April 02, 2021 Seth E Ross



Today, is Good Friday. It is good, only because JESUS came and died for my sins and the sins of all who will believe. It is good, because GOD sent HIS only SON, to die... it is only good, because in CHRIST, we receive the benefits of HIS Sacrifice!

  • As you read your daily reading in Judges today.
  • Think about how JESUS Obeyed GOD's Plan and how JESUS did not try to change just plan, but submitted to it.
  • Because of that, we can have Salvation, in CHRIST!

How do You Obey GOD's Plan?

  • Quickly and Joyfully?
  • Or dragging your feet and weeping.
  • Let's Trust GOD today and PRAISE GOD for HIS Plan in sendning JESUS!
  • As you read about Barak, let's be as Quick as Lightening to obey GOD's Will and GOD's Plan for our lives today!
  • Amen!

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JUDGES 4-5 - SR 2021